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The Pleasure in Longhi’s Asparagus

LR Asparagus Shoot-21

Where does the best asparagus in the world come from?  The answer is simple, Longhi’s. Asparagus, a native to the Mediterranean and it’s surrounding regions,  is a regular item on most Italian menus.  Almost always prepared simply, it is best on it’s own, showing of it’s unique woodsy, grassy, herby flavor.  At Longhi’s,  it’s a simple pleasure just like in […]

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Recipe for Shrimp Longhi


Featured Recipe ~ “Shrimp Longhi” Ingredients: Garlic Toast (2) Cloves garlic, minced (2) Tablespoons butter (4) Pieces crusty Italian or French bread Shrimp (12) Large shrimp (1 pound), rinsed, peeled and deveined (1/4 cup) All purpose flour (3) tablespoons butter for saute (1) Tablespoon olive oil (1) Cup white wine (1) oz. Lemon juice (4-6) tablespoons cold butter cut into […]

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