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Front Street Kitchen

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The 888 Burger at Longhi’s

LR Longhi's Burger

As summer approaches and layers of clothing start peeling away, there continues to be no shortage in desire for the beloved burger.  All American and All the best ingredients at Longhi’s.  Best part, as we compete with joints like Cheeseburger in Paradise and the Hard Rock Cafe, is value….so we introduce to you, the 8 dollar burger at 888 Front […]

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The Bakery at Longhi’s: A Beast in the Kitchen

LRW baked bread

  The Longhi’s Bakery is a Beast within A Beast of a kitchen. It operates 20 hours of the day. The first to arrive at Longhi’s every morning is not the Manager or the Supervisor, but the Baker. While it’s still dark outside and the rest of us are deep in REM, the baker is already dusting the flour of […]

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Eating Healthy at Longhi’s

Longhi's Lunch Italian Deli Lobster Salad

Over the years it is our regular guests that continue to create and remind us that often times slight variations to the menu items may necessary to accommodate their ever changing diets. Here is a list of “lighter-fare” that for the health conscious.   Opakapaka Longhi: order the fish grilled and have them make the sauce with olive oil instead […]

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Longhi’s & Fresh Island Fish

LRw  Longhii's and Fresh Island Fish

As a seafood serving restaurant, like our select suppliers, we take responsibility in the very important issue of seafood sustainability.The practice of seafood sustainability is a commitment and base principle we encompass in relation to the seafood we buy and serve, where it is sourced from & how it is caught. We participate only with boats and suppliers who follow […]

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December 26th : Longhi’s Anniversary

LRW Bob Longhi

The Year was 1976, the island was Maui, the town was Lahaina and the man was Bob Longhi.  It wasn’t until recently that I heard in detail the story of how Longhi’s came to be as we know it today.  Having Received the “Aipono Icon Award” some veterans and family members came out and shared some stories.  The story that […]

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Sounds of Addiction at Longhi’s in Lahaina 3rd Thursday

Sounds of Addiction Lahaina Live music longhis

Here is the story of Sounds of Addiction. Origin: Each member of the Sounds Of Addiction comes from different disciplines of music ranging from R&B, Soul, Soft Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, Reggae, Punk and Hawaiian Slack Key. The idea that addiction to sounds can be a positive feeling is what drove these gentlemen to forge an alliance in hopes to […]

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The Art of Family Style Dining on Maui!

A la Carte Menu’s are a thing of the past, present and future.  They will never accept defeat as long as we consumers continue to individualize our personal needs and preferences when it comes to eating.  Although I’ve never heard anyone accuse an American of not knowing how to eat, I can honestly say that I have heard at least […]

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Putting the Squeeze of Bottled OJ

Bob Longhi’s “Notes from the Chairman” Before I opened Longhi’s, one of the things I most enjoyed at home each morning was freshly squeezed orange juice. When I went traveling I would always ask the waiter if the orange juice was fresh, and they would invariably say,”Yes, it is.” And I would say,”Do you take a little round orange thing, […]

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2013 Aipono “Icon” Award ~ Bob Longhi

Maui No Ka Oi Aipono Award Bob Longhi

An incredible honor and tribute to Bob Longhi!   “He taught us how to eat.  He taught us how to cook.  And he taught us how to live.”  ~ The words of 27 year Longhi Manager/ John McRae    

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