December 26th : Longhi’s Anniversary

LRW Bob Longhi

LRW Bob LonghiThe Year was 1976, the island was Maui, the town was Lahaina and the man was Bob Longhi.  It wasn’t until recently that I heard in detail the story of how Longhi’s came to be as we know it today.  Having Received the “Aipono Icon Award” some veterans and family members came out and shared some stories.  The story that brought the biggest smile had to be the one about cheese.   Bob was visiting Maui and happened to be eating in the restaurant, which is now Longhi’s.  He asked the owner about where he could get some good cheese, and the owner told him that he had some at his home.  Bob’s reply was that he had his cheese in the wrong place, and that what Lahaina needed was a restaurant that offered quality products.  Back then there weren’t nearly the number of ships delivering goods to Maui, so the idea of bringing in fresh Maine Lobsters, Imported cheese and olives from Italy and various other specialty items, seemed a bit of a challenge.  Thank you Bob, for sticking to your vision, and being at the forefront of great dining here on Maui!