Celebrity Reviews

Jerry colangelo

“Longhi’s is one of the finest restaurants anywhere in the world, and it’s unique combination of culinary appeal and style make it very, very unique. Add to the equation the setting on the beautiful island of Maui and it’s something unmatched”

– Jerry Colangelo, National Director Team USA Basketball, former owner of the Phoenix Suns





Mondavi-w-Glass-767894“Bob Longhi’s book is a delight and the recipes are delicious.  It is like a lovely visit to Longhi’s ~ very special”
– Robert Mondavi


George Benson“Bob Longhi’s Credentials as a chef for the people is long documented, not only in print but on the palates of anyone who has visited his fantastic restaurants in the world. I hope to see you on one of my many visits to Longhi’s. ”

– George Benson, musician






Karim for Longhis


“Longhi’s has always served interesting cuisine. It is a delight to eat there” – Kareem Abdul-jabbar