Recipe for Shrimp Longhi


Featured Recipe ~ “Shrimp Longhi”


Garlic Toast

(2) Cloves garlic, minced
(2) Tablespoons butter
(4) Pieces crusty Italian or French bread


(12) Large shrimp (1 pound), rinsed, peeled and deveined
(1/4 cup) All purpose flour
(3) tablespoons butter for saute
(1) Tablespoon olive oil
(1) Cup white wine
(1) oz. Lemon juice
(4-6) tablespoons cold butter cut into chunks
(1/2) Tomato dice medium
(1/4) Cup chopped basil



Pre heat broiler. Saute garlic in butter for 2-3 minutes. Dip bread in garlic butter and place under the broiler until lightly browned. Put garlic toast on a serving platter.

Dredge shrimp in flour to lightly coat them shaking off any excess flour. In a saute pan combine 3 tablespoon butter and olive oil over medium heat. When the butter is foamy add the shrimp to a pan and saute for 3-5 minutes until shrimp is cooked. Remove shrimp from the pan to medium heat and de-glaze with white wine reduce 2 to 3 minutes and then add the lemon juice. Reduce by half, approximately 3 minutes. When liquid is reduced stir in 3 tablespoons cold butter chunks, add more butter to the sauce 1 – tablespoon at a time until sauce becomes emulsified. The sauce should not be thick, but just coat the back of a spoon. Add tomatoes and basil. Return shrimp to pan for 30 seconds and toss. Put shrimp on garlic toast and pour sauce over shrimp.